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In 1981, I rode my bicycle around the Eastern United States and Canada. Ride segments along the way included:

  • Longmont, Colorado to Salina, Kansas;
  • Salina, Kansas to Gainesville, Missouri;
  • Gainesville, Missouri to Longboat Key, Florida;
  • Longboat Key, Florida to Morgantown, West Virginia;
  • Morgantown, West Virginia to Asbury Park, New Jersey;
  • Asbury Park, New Jersey to Stamford, Connecticut;
  • Stamford, Connecticut to Groton, Connecticut;
  • Groton, Connecticut to Pemaquid Point, Maine;
  • Pemaquid Point, Maine to Quebec, Canada;
  • Quebec, Canada to Montreal, Canada;
  • Montreal, Canada to Thunder Bay, Canada; train
  • Thunder Bay, Canada to Duluth, Minnesota;
  • Duluth, Minnesota to Cheyenne, Wyoming; bus
  • Cheyenne, Wyoming to Longmont, Colorado

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  • 1982, spring I was hired as a Bicycle Mechanic at a local bicycle shop. I was promoted to Salesman at the same bicycle shop by mid-summer.
  • 1983, I took a trip to New England, and rode across Connecticut, during the Fall, to see the trees changing colors.
  • 1984 I was promoted to Assistant-Manager.
  • 1985 I was promoted to Manager.
  • 1985, I travelled by bicycle again, this time up to the Wonderful "Yellowstone National Park" ... I rode from Laramie, Wyoming to Centennial, Wyo, then caught a ride to Pinedale, Wyo. I rode from there to Yellowstone, where I did the lower loop, before returning to Jackson Hole. From Jackson Hole I caught a bus home, and while on the bus, Yellowstone got their first snow of the year, 14 inches!! Close!!
  • Late 1985 I was laid off due to the local recession.
  • 1987 and 1989 I toured as much of Southern Europe as I could, while in the US Navy. I was able to take about 10 1-day trips in Italy, Spain and France, and Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • 1990, Upon leaving the Navy, I went back to the same shop as Sales Manager.
  • 1991, I was promoted to Store Manager. I was laid off that Fall.
  • 1992 Worked part time at another bike shop, assembling bikes.
  • 1993-1997 Support mechanic for local charity bicycle rides.

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